Fun Time In San Francisco

Have you ever been to San Francisco? If not then do visit this beautiful city that has got amazing fun places to visit. No matter you are holidaying with your family, friends or children, San Francisco has something for all of you. If Only you are worried about is the budget, then just forget it. According to, San Francisco is one if the vest cities you can visit even after having a tight budget plan. Let’s start with the natural beauties that the city has got. Ocean beaches are marvelous and you can enjoy great water sport activities over here.

When the tides are rights, hundreds of surfers come here to enjoy the water. Miles of beautiful sand stretch and clear water will give you the most peaceful time in your life. Beaches are filled with locals everyday and weekend for flying kites, skating, biking and swimming. Surfing is not the only fun activity that you can enjoy here. After you have had your fun day, you can definitely take a break to enjoy the tasteful cuisine the beach restaurants have got to offer. There is a famous restaurant on the beach called The Outer Lands that gives you the time to enjoy a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich with a freshly baked loaves of bread.

Next, you can visit the boat harbor that has this awesome wave organ. It is there in Marina district and it is amazing how the wave organ has been a tourist attraction since a long time. In a city filled with natural beauty and tourist spot, you should never forget to visit the Land’s end. It is a place along the water where you can explore the ruins of Sutro Baths that was a Victorian bathhouse in the 1960s. It was then burned down and turned into a ruin, and surprisingly, it still looks wonderful. You can go for hiking on the higher headlands of this place. It will be a peaceful yet adventurous trip for you.

You must have heard about the Billy Goat Hill rope swing. There is no way you can miss out climbing this swing. It is a 10 m long rope swing that hangs from a lone eucalyptus treetop. This swing provides you a wonderful view of the vast skyline at night. It might look scary to you, but the swing is worth a ride once you are there. Next should be the Angel Island that has been there since the last 3,000 years. You can take a ferry to the island. It is completely safe and it will be a fun trip going to the island and coming back.

The Golden Gate area is another marvelous place this city has. There are gardens, playgrounds and museums if you want to enjoy all of it take out a day and go all over this place. These were only a few places that could be mentioned in such a short list. San Francisco has countless places worth a visit if you are a first timer in the city. Trust me you can never get enough of this place in just one visit, and even if it is for a week. The place is amazingly beautiful and the locals are very friendly.

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