A Checklist For Your Bug Out Bag

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When there is an emergency, you do not want to spend those precious extra few minutes looking to grab essentials for your survival the next few days. A bug out bag is not easy to create as there are so many considerations to make to get it perfect. You may have all the things you want but may not have all the essential things you need in your bag, so creating a Bug out Bag List is necessary says www.wikihow.com. The list should contain all the necessities required for survival up to 3 days kept in an easily accessible location so that you can quickly grab it when the need arises.
Here are a few tips on how to build that bag.

The weight of the bag: As per guidelines, the weight of the bag should not be more than 25% of your weight. If you carry more than the stipulated weight, it can hinder your mobility and delay your from moving away from danger.

Location: The reason for building a bug out bag is to move to a safe place to carry all the essentials. You need to know where to go after moving out from danger and should be far enough from the spot of vulnerability. Carry enough food and water so that you can travel to a safe place; the farther you have to move the more water and food you will need. When you are packing a bug out bag, think about the quality of the stuff you pack. Buy the best gear that you can afford along with purchasing quality food that is healthy and energetic. You can also buy second-hand equipment provided it is good quality and lasts long.

Backpack: Buy a backpack which is made of a material which can withstand wear and tear. Also, consider a bag which contains lots of pockets so that you can organise stuff efficiently. Buy a backpack after you make a checklist of all the essentials so that you know how big a bag to buy. Below are a few things to buy.

Shelter: Depending on the location you plan to live or if you are camping out in a bush. You will need
· Tent
· Blanket
· Tarp
· Nylon Ropes
· Flashlight
· Sleeping bag

First aid kit: It is very critical that you carry a first aid kit to ensure you get can treat minor injuries. These are some of the basics that should be part of your kit.
· Bandages
· Scissors
· Tablets
· Cold compress
· Burn relief ointments
· Eye pads
· Disinfectants

Toiletries: Keeping clean during an emergency is not only for your health but also to boost your morale. It can also lead to infections and other unwanted sickness. So pack the following
· Toothbrush and paste
· Soaps
· Towels
· Detergent
· Tissues
· Tampons
· Baby wipes

Food and water: As essential items for sustenance, pack lots of bottled water or water pouches. Food should be high on energy and endurance. Include the following in your bug out bag.
· Nutrition or energy bars
· MRE’s
· Trail mix
· Bottled Water
· Iodine tablets
· Sugar
· Salt
· Instant Mixes
· Tea or coffee powder

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